CityDoctor for 3D City Models

CityDoctor has been developed in respect to achieve a high modularity. Therefore, the software can be integrated with little effort into your process chain and be adapted for your needs.

  • You want to test CityDoctor or check on the fast one your CityGML data without much effort ?
    Then take a look at the freely available CityDoctor Validation Tool, including its own intuitive and simple user interface!
  • You would like to integrate the functionality of CityDoctor into your software or processes ?
     Then the CityDoctor Validation Library will be the right choice  for you !
  • You are breaking new ground dealing with data quality of city models or want to specify quality rules for your existing city models for future applications?
    Get in touch with us and we will gladly advise you based on our vast experience!
  • Do you miss a functionality inside CityDoctor? Your database includes extensions to the CityGML standard?
    Please contact us, there is a solution for everything. We will develop a special customized CityDoctor module matching your requirements!