CityDoctor - From a CityGML Model to a Valid CityGML Model

3D city models are becoming increasingly important in the geoinformation business. A great variety of applications demand high and guaranteed quality of data, which can only be assured by validation. However, a manual check of data is hardly possible due to the large number of buildings within a model.

CityDoctor is part of a comprehensive quality management concept for virtual 3D city models.

CityDoctor implements methods and metrics for analysis, testing and correction of syntax, geometry and semantics of your virtual 3D city models.

CityDoctor is available as a standalone validation tool provided by download, a validation library for an integration into your existing software or processes and as a service providing support for your quality management efforts in 3D city models.

CityDoctor core component consists of the automated validation of CityGML data that can be adapted to different needs of different applications. Specified test plans allow the verification of existing data with regard to their suitability for different use cases, as well as the inspection of newly created models with regard to required criteria compliance.

Hence, the quality of your data can be examined by you yourself, together with us and on behalf of you. To increase the quality of 3D city models we have developed methods and solutions for an automatic healing of errors detected in your or external data.