Quality of 3D City Models

The question whether the quality of a 3D city model is "good" or "bad", can easily be answered with "It depends".

The quality of your 3D city model crucially depends on the application area of the model. Different applications usually require an adapted product specification, which determine the quality requirements.
If your data, for example, is used for visualization purposes only, all boundary surfaces and textures of a building should be assigned correctly. On the other hand the roof surfaces should be properly allocated and orientated while visual textures are less important in the case of solar potential analysis.

Furthermore, a thorough understanding of the underlying data model is required to assess and evaluate the properties and possibilities of city models for data analysis and simulation correctly.

CityDoctor meets both criteria perfectly. The interdisciplinary CityDoctor team has a long term experience in analyzing and healing of 3D city models and quality audits.
Through this expertise CityDoctor offers you an extensive and individually assembled catalog of test criteria, which can also be configured separately. The entirety of criteria to be validated and the corresponding parameters for the appropriate application are defined as a product test plan.